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Stefan Libiseller

I develop intelligent automations with custom AI models for small to medium-sized companies. Available for projects, Vienna and remote.

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"Stefan led into the era of AI. He consulted us with great passion and his deep learning models are a valuable addition to our product. We look forward to continue working with him!"

Johannes Nagl, CTO


PressMatcher macOS App

2020 · Core Communications e.U.

PressMatcher automates the labor-intensive task of finding out which press release a news report is based on. This data is then used to calculate key performance indicators for each press release, which enable faster and easier reporting. The app is a perfect example of how small and medium-sized companies can benefit from AI-based automation.

Social Media Hate Speech Detection

2019 · is one of the leading social media management tools in the German speaking region. As part of their new automation features, I've developed a deep neural network that can automatically detect and flag toxic posts, which speeds up the moderation of social media pages considerably.

Developed with PyTorch, the model implements a state-of-the-art NLP architecture to deliver production-ready performance on such challenging data as social media posts.

Social Media Sentiment Prediction

2019 ·

By automatically assigning social media posts a sentiment, trends can be detected early on, when there is still time to react. For, one of the leading social media management tools in the German speaking area, I have developed a deep neural network that accurately assigns one of three sentiments to social media posts, despite a very imbalanced trainings data set.

Dynamic Feature Pyramid Network for Object Detection

2018 · Open Source

This project combines the MobileNetV2 architecture of Inverted Residual Layers with a dynamically generated Feature Pyramid Network. The network outputs an array of feature maps with high semantic meaning in different resolutions.

Twitter Follower Analysis


In this multivariate data analysis, I explore the relationship between the key features of my Twitter followers.

Let's Automate Your Business!

I create custom AI models for small to medium-sized companies who want to make their products stand out with deep learning. If you are interested in collaborating, send me an email or talk to me directly in a free video call!

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