Twitter: Standerwahre
GitHub: libiseller

For this exploratory data analysis project I decided to examine my Twitter followers. To collect the data I wrote two JavaScript files. The first file accesses the Twitter API to download the data of an interchangeable user name and saves the data as a json file. The second script then converts the data into a csv format.
Check out the “data” folder on GitHub if you want to learn more about the collection process.

Also, this R Markdown script is designed to work with any data created using the JavaScript files mentioned above. This means that not only plots, but also highlighted inline statistical values will be updated, if you knit the file again.

Things I Want to Explore:

  • How many followers do my followers have?
  • Are my followers active or passive Twitter users?
  • How long have my followers been using Twitter?
  • What factors lead to more followers?

Color Code of Plots

If possible, plots are colored according to their ordinate variable.

Color Variable
Green Followers
Red Followings
Blue Tweets
Orange Likes
Yellow Lists
Purple Created at Date

Univariate Plots Section